Vinyl is one of the perfect flooring materials. Depending on one’s preferences, there are multiple styles of premium vinyl to choose from. At Unique Floors, we have a huge variety of vinyl styles to choose from, whatever the look you are after, we are certain we can help.

Varieties of Colours
Luxury vinyl comes in varieties of suitable colours to blend with different floor types. You can make your room more spacious and brighter with the neutral light colours. These include the pale creams and whitewash tones. There is also the option of going for pale yellow and light charcoal colour shades. You can also make your home more distinctive and appealing neutral mid colours. These hues include gold bronze colours, which are particularly perfect for office set-ups. To give your dining set a more appealing look, you can grace the floors with chocolate brown colours.

Wide Range of Uses
Unique Floors also specialise in supply and installation of various vinyl materials for different floor surfaces. We stock commercial and residential vinyl types. Regardless of the brand you want, we have it ready for you. We deal in different leading vinyl brands and vinyls are suitable for use in small apartments and larger mansions. We can also supply you with the most ideal vinyl materials for commercial floors. It is the easiest way of making your office more appealing and desirable. We can help you with any project from supermarkets, banks, hospitals, schools, shop front and even nursing homes.

Let the experts handle it
You do not have to struggle trying to figure out the best vinyl for your floor. Unique Floors can help you make the best choices depending on your type of floor. We also handle professional installation services to suit our clients. For all the services delivered, we offer warranty. Simply get in touch with us and let us handle it.