Moisture Testing

Prior to spending money on your floors, you should determine if they are ready to be worked on by our installers.  Does it have any moisture concerns?  We at Unique Floors know the business of moisture and how it can affect any future floor works.  Let us perform an inspection and determine if the floors are in good quality.

When the alkalinity in a subfloor is too high, it can stop the floor covering adhesive from bonding properly to the concrete. Although this problem has always existed, it hadn’t been fully realised by flooring installers until quite recently.  This is partly due to the fact that the materials used by installers have changed over time.  It’s also due to continuing research and a much better understanding of the importance of pH levels.

Floor preparation is the most important step when it comes to your flooring.  It’s what you can’t see that will give you the best possible finish.  Whether it is a domestic or a commercial project, the time you take to test and prepare the surface will result in the best quality, isn’t that what you want anyway?